Employee Assistance Programme / EAP


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What is EAP? 

An Employee Assistance Programme is a telephone consultation for advice-seeking employees of your company.

It is an external service offer, which aims to increase employee satisfaction by providing quick and competent help and support in psychosocial issues.


What is special about PSYNANDA-EAP?

Every company is unique. That is why we focus on the individual situation of your business and your employees on a personal and entrepreneurial level.

We work with a multimodule consulting concept and are solution and ressource oriented.

By communicating with you, we work out a tailor-made support concept and you decide which of our specialist competencies you would like to use.


Why does your company need EAP?

Mental problems, as well as concerns of a general nature are now one of the most common cause of sickness at the work-place. If these are not recognized and treated expertly , the consequences for the employee and also for the company can be very costly.

Therefore, it is all the more important nowadays to recognize such problems as early as possible and to provide suitable assistance or to take preventive measures. When employees feel that their company cares about them, their commitment to the company grows.

Individual motivation increases and overall performance is assured.


How does EAP work?

If you are interested in an EAP-cooperation with Psynanda, please contact us by phone or email, to make an appointment. After a detailed conversation, you will then receive an individually tailor-made company consulting concept.

After the conclusion of our contract our team of consultants will support your employees in any form of psychosocial issues. Such as the following.


Such as the following:

  • conflicts in work and private life
  • motivational problems
  • burnout and stress
  • crises
  • decision problems
  • partnership problems
  • educational problems
  • uncertainty whether the need for treatment in mental issues is necessary

We help your employees to …

  • find a good work-life-balance
  • find solutions for difficult situations in life
  • consciously deal with health-related topics
  • develop techniques to better cope with stressful factors
  • resolve conflicts constructively and socially competent

If we find that your employee’s problem requires psychotherapy, we will inform your employees and advise them on a suitable form of therapy. Of course, all matters will be dealt with in a confidential and professional manner.

Do you have any questions?

We are looking forward to presenting you our offer on request.