Mediation and Moderation in Change Management Processes


Shaping the Future for Companies

Life means change. It has always been like this, but one of the signs of our times is that change is happening more and more globally, more comprehensively and at a much faster pace than before.

Manifold change processes also take place in working life and require continuous adjustment from the employee. Therefore, these processes are not to be underestimated as part of the company’s duty in care.

In order to support the health of your employees and the flow of your work processes, it is important that change processes are professionally accompanied by psychologists and mediators in order to keep the focus on essentials and to clarify misunderstandings quickly and satisfactorily.

In addition, where many people meet and communicate with each other, it is normal that different views, opinions and preferences meet.

There can be misunderstandings and in the worst case bullying. Psynanda can help your company to recognize serious situations and solve conflicts quickly and to clarify them sensibly and if desired by offering a professional mediation programme. This mediation programme is confidentially conducted by psychologists and mediators with a legal background and creates a setting in which conflicts can be discussed on a general level within the company.


Psynanda offers your business support through professional mediation and consulting on the following topics:

  • Shaping and guarding change management processes

  • Coaching for managers using conflict training to recognise and to raise awareness of bullying

  • Help in case of bullying on a personal and business level

  • Cooperation and working with the work council

  • Anonymous professional evaluation of consulting processes and quarterly feedback


Privacy protection and anonymity

Psynanda works with individual cases advising your employees while maintaining complete confidentiality. The topics which your employees discuss with our coaches are treated in strict confidence and are only documented internally to maintain the thread in the counseling process.

If we notice a negative trend such as bullying, we approach the company, without naming names or direct content that would indicate who is involved and which department might be affected. This approach aims to protect the individual seeking help.

At the company level, Psynanda then offers general seminars and workshops to sensitize the employees and managers on this topic. Psynanda offers mediation by psychologists and specially trained lawyers.

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